Evolution of SaaS Products in EdTech

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  • 08 April 2021

Gone are the days where we used to refer to the same textbooks for years together, with charts posted in the classrooms and notes dictated. The emerging tech products have changed the face of the way education and knowledge exchange happens today.

Educational institutes are now actively adapting to new education technology products that not only improve the students' experience but bring in significant standardization and improvement in the productivity of the teachers and other staff.

Softwares being expensive is a thought from the past, but not now. The evolution of SaaS is perhaps the most revolutionary model that I have ever come across. With never-ending benefits some of them include low up-front cost subscription costs and no licensing fee.

To name some of the well know SaaS companies that we used in our daily life being
Grammarly - The world-famous digital writing assistant tool
Duolingo - The app that’s known for helping you learn a new language by practicing a little a day in a gamified manner
Udemy - The well-known education platform with 40M Learners in 65+ languages
Khan Academy - A non-profit educational institution aiming at creating online tools and short video to help educate students
And many more to continue with

This evolution from classroom learning experience to learning and experiencing knowledge from anywhere by paying a small fee to access the content and resources have proven to be a gold mine.

In this age of SaaS products we now have infinite freedom to learn anything, from anyone and from anywhere.