Global Trends of eLearning

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  • 08 April 2021

E-learning or digital learning is a structured online course delivered electronically. E-learning includes a range of innovative elements such as Videos, pre-recorded lectures, simulations, activities, games, quizzes & interactive features.

E-learning is a process of acquiring knowledge through electronic technologies & resources. The demand for organised online learning courses has increased owing to the rise in the number of internet users.

The availability of enhanced network connectivity grouped with the convenience & accessibility offered by on-demand course will drive the market size & will grow rapidly in the forthcoming years.

Mobile learning, micro-learning, social learning, corporate MOOCs are the emerging trends, further contributing and boosting the e-learning market revenue. The pandemic has further driven the industry demand for e-learning solutions among both the students & corporates.

In the current pandemic situation where most of the students are out of the classrooms with schools being shut, electronic learning management system such as Google classroom are helping classes to connect distantly.

Strong network connectivity is the primary requirement for an enhanced online learning experience. The deployment of 5G technology will facilitate seamless training & learning experience in a digital environment.