Will EdTech flourish further, After Covid-19?

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  • 08 April 2021

Covid has been a blessing in disguise for EdTech. The reason primarily being the need for an alternative for offline classes. EdTech has seen phenomenal growth during the couple of years which was further accelerated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The one wonderful value proposition that EdTech has been offering which makes it unbeatable when compared to the other offline classes is that you can learn from the best across the world at your own pace.

Even offline institutes have started to incorporate E-Learning infrastructure to be able to sustain and compete with the players to retain their students. This competition has further brought in more scope for better quality content for the learners who access the learning content and services.

Some numbers to put some weight on how much positive impact this field of EdTech has seen can be proven by the $15 billion valuations of Byjus making it India's second-largest startup. The kind of disruption that these education players have brought in is unmatchable to any other industry.

The other ancillary fields in EdTech including digital ERPs, Video conferencing platforms, Video and E-learning solutions, payroll, and such utility tech around the EdTech space have also seen huge adaptation.

EdTech doesn't seem to slow down anytime soon with the growing India's young population who are demanding education services and products in fields ranging from IIT Jee, Engineering, CA, UPSC, and numerous other competitive exam preparation and test preparation products.

Few Innovative start-ups like quizzes and others have started to use gamified learning experiences to make education fun helping students learn by enjoying what they learn.